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Scrimmage Wars 2016

2016 Millennium Stars vs Bryant High



2016 Day 1 highlights part 2


2016 PV Tigers vs Bryant High


2016 Metro BDA vs Bryant


2016 Metro BDA vs SE Stars


2016 Scrimmage Wars Highlights Day 1

summer hoopsGame Over President Eric Hicks on BKLIVE 5/15 soul in da holeFlatGO Express visits Brooklyn’s legendary parkSoul in da Hole
 2015 Exposure Camp Ian Roach quickest “Gun” in the East
Wigfall Trevis Wigfall… Check this out! Julius Blake 2015 Top High School Defender
Farthers of prosGame Over CEO Eric Hicks drops by BK Live to detail NBA All Star weekend event at the Brooklyn Stuy Dome BKNBAeventFather’s and Men of professional athletes and Game Over conduct free basketball clinic @ The Brooklyn Stuy Dome (Powered by Game Over).
Ian RoachShooting Guard Ian Roach just might be the best in the city. Mook_edited-1 Anthony Mook Munson
GOTVFranchiseStreetball legend “The Franchise” Dyckman Tournament NYC

Francisco Garcia yokes it!


GOTVClinicplay8This is our story. GOTVClinicplay4It started in the streets
MGBA 2.21.14 Bronx vs Harlem Highghts MGBA Mix Gender Basketball Highlights 8.21.14
Hard Work Elite Workout

A inside look at Game Over Elite basketball clinic