Operation Co-op City (Op Co-op)


On September 12 2015 come celebrate the official opening and dedication of the first court to receive a “Game Over Total Court  Make Over”  in section 5. Click Here for info.


Game Over OL Inc. is proud to announce that we are coming home.

Game Over has been given the opportunity to restore all of the basketball courts,  in the one of a kind housing complex known as Co-op City.  This large scale restoration project will include replacing all backboards and rims, and in most cases installing new durable high tech pole and suspension systems. Each court is slated to receive specially designed fiber glass backboards and state of the art break-a-way rims.  All courts needing leveling and resurfacing will get the much needed surface makeover along with reconfiguration of court layout. When asked about the goals and scope of this project, Game Over President Eric Hicks response was “We will restore the Co-op City courts to their former beauty”.  Sections 1, 2, 3 ,4, and 5 will all be impacted in someway by The Game Over “Operation Co-op” Court Make-Over Project.

Click Here to see the section 3 Game Over Total Court Make Over.

Click Here to see the section 5 Game Over Total Court Make Over.

Below:   The courts shown are located in Co-op City and are slated for Game Over Court Make Overs.  “A change is gonna come”.

yellow school house2  IMG_1408  section3b

Above:  Yellow School House Sec 1       Section 2   Garage #3  courts                    Shopping Center 2 courts


Co-op City ‘The birth place of Game Over”

Eric Hicks Pres. and Mark Wald Vice Pres. both grew up in Co-op City and spent endless hours on the many courts located in Co-op City.  “Given the opportunity to assist in this project is unreal, you can’t make this stuff up” stated Wald.  It was in 1994 (while living in Co-op City) Hicks came up with the idea to start a tee shirt company and call it Game Over.  The company started out as  a basketball tee shirt and shorts company but over time grew into much more.

Some of the company’s accomplishments include providing uniforms for many of New York’s top High School Basketball programs.  The popularity of the brand started in the streets, supplying many of NY’s well known streetball tournaments, such as: Dyckman, Gun Hill, Forest Houses, West 4th, Rucker, Tillary Park, Soul in the Hole, JHS 275, Riverbank, and Roberto Clemente State Park to name a few.  Game Over has also been the selected supplier of uniforms and awards for the New York Knick’s youth programs and camps.  Game Over has produced and contributed to several TV productions on the MSG Network, one being the Co-creator of “The Last Man Standing” one-on-one basketball challenge powered by the NY Knicks and McDonalds.  Among its other achievements Game Over is the creator of Last Man Standing Europe, creator of the Game Over Trophy, Co-producer of the 100 team yearly AAU Tournament “Game Over Classic (10 years running), currently producing and running Game Over Camps Clinics and Combines across the city, Game Over Summer Basketball Camps (Powered by the Brooklyn Net’s), and currently managing the Brooklyn Stuy Dome, a $4 million dollar basketball facility in the heart of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY.

Hicks: ” The company has come full circle and for obvious reasons this project is dear to my heart.  Co-op City is where I first fell in love with the game at the age of 10.  The love affair has never ended.”  Hicks and Wald are both 4 year graduates of Truman High School that incredibly never played basketball there but were both team managers.  In retrospect foe Hicks getting “cut from the Truman Basketball team was one of the greatest thing to ever happen to me, it lit a fire inside me to succeed when others say you can’t that stills burns today.”  Hicks went on to earn a full scholarship at division 1 school St. Bonaventure University and Wald went on to be an assistant coach at Pima College (Arizona).


Follow the Game Over Court Make Over “Co-op” 

Follow all stages of the Operation Co-op court restoration project right here at www.gameovernyc.com.  We will provide updates, schedules and actual videos of the entire process as it unfolds.

Click Here to see the section 1 Game Over Total Court Make Over.

Click Here to see the section 2 Game Over Total Court Make Over.

Click Here to see the section 3 Game Over Total Court Make Over.

Click Here to see the section 5 Game Over Total Court Make Over.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Noel Ellison and the Riverbay Corporation for having the vision to understand the importance of providing clean, safe and up-to-date areas for everyone young and old to participate in sports.  We also thank them for trusting us to assist in this dream.